Nigeria’s Agri-Innovation Revolution in Waiting

Redefining Next Normal Opportunities to Overcome Paradoxes and Secure a Brighter Future

Covid-19 has emphasised the need for urgent improvement in the agricultural value chain. This moment of uncertainty creates a window of opportunity to lay down a new, improved path for the future.

Developing a systems-led agricultural strategy, with an accompanying action plan that supports market-led innovation, will chart a new course away from the painful paradoxes of the past. Adaptive approaches will be essential, alongside experimentation, reevaluated risk, smarter incentives, and redesigned public / private partnerships that are syndicated for mutual benefits. It is time for a new dawn to create far brighter futures ahead.

Featured Report

A new report by Farmforte and HYBR Group highlights the role of the Nigerian agricultural sector in reducing poverty and unlocking the country’s enormous economic potential. Yet, the study also finds that the sector remains off-course for gaining the success it deserves. Covid-19 challenges only compound future problems and will act as a future growth handbrake, unless the right interventions are applied. The report proposes casting away the traditional reliance on top-down economic development models, in favour of a two-pronged approach – supporting both market and systems innovation by uplifting commercial and social entrepreneurship. Its publication coincides with World Food Day 2020.

This report is structured in three parts:


Section one assesses the current Nigerian agricultural sector and sheds light on some of the current challenges the country will have to overcome.


Section two describes how the agricultural value chain could better function to create new opportunities for more sustained impact.


Section three offers insights into how strategic developments – alongside a suite of targeted systems solutions – could offer a better strategic framework for transformative action.

Intervention Opportunities





  • Improving education efficacy, knowledge deployment, and human-centred farmer upskilling via dynamic agents;

  • Support to collective farming models that improve economies of scale;

  • Establishing a public / private agri-leadership academy and diffusing public value innovation knowledge widely;

  • Enhancing capacity-building schemes for impact agro-preneurship.

  • Greater value chain access, smarter vertical integration, and minimizing value chain leakage via circular economy principles;

  • Designing a storage strategy to reduce supply-chain spoilage;

  • Applying technological solutions that minimise information asymmetries;

  • Making the value-chain more inclusive, integrating the informal economy;

  • Improving access to market intelligence via new aggregated data hubs.

  • Focusing on food policies that absorb local product demand;

  • Introducing higher quality processing standards to help boost export earnings;

  • Reimagined agricultural ecosystem task & finish groups;

  • Rapidly establishing digital ecosystem foundations with clear agri-tech strategies;

  • Injecting smarter capital through the value chain as well as onboarding impact investors;

  • More imaginative far-reaching scale-up support, with moonshot ambition;

  • Technology visioning and radical breakthrough innovation systems thinking.

Stakeholder Testimonials


This is an amazing dissection and in-depth analysis of the current agriculture space in Nigeria. Beyond the analysis of the problems (which we all know and hence not value-adding in itself), this piece proffers logical and actionable solutions for individuals, organisations and policymakers. Well done!

Alex Imoudu Osikhena 

JSG Capital


This white paper provides excellent insight into the current state of the agriculture industry in Nigeria and provides a roadmap of solutions – a call to action for policymakers and other stakeholders throughout the system – with game-changing potential to transform Nigeria’s agri-business sector into a multi-layered and efficient value chain that functions as the economic pillar it should be. This could be a model for real, sustainable change. Bravo!

Daron Watts

Political Strategist
The Watts Group


Very informative and necessary at this time. This is what we need to hear from stakeholders and operators in the field as it offers very practical insights and has been put together by a team of seasoned industry experts. Well done.

Adenike Kazalma-Mantey

Senior Private Sector Development Expert
The World Bank

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