Sustainable Farming

The importance of sustainable farming in Africa

29th Apr, 2019

Sustainable agriculture is the key that can help make farming cleaner, more profitable, and less exposed to volatility...

Sustainable agriculture promotes farming practices that are economically profitable, environmentally sound, and good for communities. ​In a continent like Africa, sustainable agriculture has the potential to address some of the fundamental challenges facing agriculture like low access to environmental friendly fertilizers, poor quality seeds, ​rain-fed production, inadequate water management, low soil fertility, etc. These challenges affect productivity, reduce soil fertility, crop quality and eventually, the economy.

This is why Farmforte is all about making a tangible impact on Africa’s agriculture with sustainable farming practices as one of its main focus. We approach sustainability from three perspectives - Economic, Environmental and Social.

Economic: We deploy practices that ensure we can maximize yields from every inch of land we operate on. Our value add strategy ensures we generate maximum capital from every kilo produced or aggregated. We also operate on a zero waste policy which means that every component we produce has a use case. For example, in our cashew processing facility, the wasted shells are not discarded, but rather, used to generate a chunk of the electricity required by the facility.

Environmental: Farmforte operates a multi-pronged sustainability approach. For example, after land clearing, we run soil augmentation via the addition of specific quantities of muriate of potash and triple superphosphate in the soil, followed by pre-emergence herbicide and pesticide applications. We use ​bio-based pest management alternatives such as integrated pest management (IPM), by using pheromone traps to lure organisms away from crops. Furthermore, we operate a land clearing policy that makes it compulsory to plant 3 trees for every single tree we cut down.

Social: One of Farmforte’s mission is to create sustainable income through the promotion of sustainable farming practices, and by our collaboration with smallholder farmers to expand the status of farming in Africa, thereby improving communities and the economy for generations to come.

Farmforte is promoting environmentally sound and more profitable methods of farming in Africa, through sustainability practices because we believe that Africa’s greatest opportunity to play on the global scene lies in Agriculture, and the time is now.

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