Agropartnerships acquires Fund Management Company

10th Oct, 2021

Agropartnerships Technology Limited, (“Agropartnerships”) the digital investment subsidiary of Farmforte Limited (“Farmforte”, or the “Company”), has acquired a fund and portfolio management company licenced by the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC). This is a major milestone in Agropartnerships’ commitment to consistently ensure market access for over 112,000 smallholder farmers within the agriculture value chain. The acquisition also heralds the role of regulatory frameworks to protect companies and customers alike.  

Speaking on the acquisition, Osazuwa Osayi, Farmforte’s co-Chief Executive Officer, said: “Underlining our steadfast commitment to regulatory compliance to continuously improve our portfolio and effect economically sustainable developments, primarily across the Agri-value chain. Our multi-pronged enterprise growth strategy is ever reliant on the financial and technological advancement of, which will be up to 1 million farmers by the close of 2022. With a widely heralded generation of disruptive banking services, and wider sector focus on mobile-first, personalised banking, we are structuring a world class and formidable agriculture services ecosystem.” The transitory process began in April 2020 to ensure full compliance in anticipation of the SEC’s regulatory directives. This included obtaining a fund and portfolio management license from the SEC, and a microfinance banking license from the Central Bank of Nigeria. 

The acquisition of the fund management company will enable Agropartnerships scale beyond local investors and expand its reach to global institutional investors and achieve greater social impact. Agropartnerships’ Manager, Omoye Olorunfemi, speaking on the opportunities said, “With this acquisition, we envision that Agropartnerships will be able to provide seamless access to a variety of investment funds to our private clients, and as well offer credit via the microfinance bank, backed with client’s investments.”Privately placed funds will be managed by the Fund Management company and applied in line with objectives stated in the private placement documents issued by Agropartnerships and in line with regulatory guidelines.Agropartnerships’ multi-dynamic operations backed via the SEC Fund management license, and the CBN Microfinance license give a broad regulatory oversight.

By establishing our compliance across board, Agropartnerships is positioned to provide seamless high-quality access to private investment products and credits.


About Farmforte

Farmforte is an impact-oriented and innovation-driven value chain development company
focused on creating novel solutions to existing problems within the African landscape. With
significant verticals spanning the agriculture value chain, including a global land bank of 250,000 hectares, the company utilises technology and enterprise models to create efficient and affordable methods to produce crops, add value, and create greater market access. For more information, visit


About Agropartnerships

Agropartnerships is an innovative digital platform that allows everyone to engage in Agribusiness anytime and on the go. by empowering over 112,000 farmers via our outgrower program, primarily on our farmlands. Since our inception in 2017, we have given over 57,000 agropartners a platform for simple and secure investments in commodities and trades. We created a simple, risk-free and profitable system perfect for people looking to engage in Agriculture but do not have the knowledge, capacity or time to execute. For more information, visit

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