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Our people are at the core of everything we do. Our passion, our goal, our drive to change narratives and positively impact the agriculture scene would not be possible without our dedicated and passionate teams spread across our entire operation chain.

Department highlights

Sales and distribution

Focused on the global market, our sales and distribution team are responsible for winning Farmforte’s market. They distribute our crops and finished goods worldwide.

Customer care

The objective of our customer care is to interact with our customers to provide a great customer experience through detail oriented support, information and responding to inquiries about our products and services, resolve support issues and nurture relationships.

Human Resources Management 

The primary goal of our human resource management is to achieve the objectives of the organization by focusing on maintaining high motivation and the most efficient use of our human resources. This leads to an improvement in organizational goals and objectives.

Farms and plantations

We grow crops like sweet potato, cucumber and plantain in our farms. We source others like sesame seeds, beans, cashews, etc,from smallholder farmers across West Africa. At Farmforte, we aim to create shared value and empower smallholder farmers to reach their full farming potential, as well as foster reliable income and growth for their businesses

Manufacturing and procurement

Our processing/manufacturing plants are located in Edo, Lagos and Cotonou, and our procurement team source for high-quality commodities across the globe. The team also ensures quality standards are adhered to in order to ensure maximum quality that meets our sustainability, environmental and social standards.

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